Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

Guest Lectures 2011

20 December 2011
Felix Heinert (Universität Köln)
Riga und die Erfindung des deutschen Judentums


14 December 2011
David Weinstein (Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N. C.)
Strauss' Hobbes as »Talmud in the Wrong Place«


7 December 2011
Michal Galas (Krakow)
Jews and the Cross. On the one hundredth fiftieth Anniversary of Religious-patriotic Manifestations in Warsaw (1861)


14 November 2011
Corry Guttstadt (Berlin)
Die Türkei, die Juden und der Holocaust


4 August 2011
Gil Rubin (Columbia University, New York)
Between Minority Rights and Human Rights. Jewish Postwar Planning in Wartime New York, 1939–1945


27 July 2011
Marcos Silber (Universität Haifa)
Diaspora as Model, Homeland as Longing. On the Transfer of Cultural Repertoires between the Polish National Movement and the Zionist Thought


13 July 2011
Yael Almog (University of California Berkeley, Calif.)
Georg Hamann und Paul Celans hebräische Hermeneutik


1 June 2011
Sven-Erike Rose (Miami University, Oxford, Oh.)
The Origins of »Wissenschaft des Judentums«. Religion, State and Hegelian Science as Political Performance


19 January 2011
Nili Wazana (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Reflections on the Book of Amos