Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

2000/2001 »Houses of the Book. People of the Book. Images of Jewish Libraries«

Using select contemporary photos and corresponding texts, the exhibit designed by Markus Kirchhoff presents aspects of recent library history, centering on the period 1850-1950. Some sections deal with regional and local spaces, such as Eastern Europe, Palestine and Berlin. Another documents the rediscovery of the genizah, a special depository in the synagogue for sacred books and manuscripts or fragments thereof which were deemed no longer usable. The exhibit ranges from the genesis of small libraries in the East European shtetl to the flowering of libraries in Central Europe in the 1920s and on down to the plunder and destruction of libraries by National Socialist Germany. Seen through this prism, modern Jewish library history appears in many respects as a history of migration. The exhibit has an accompanying book with numerous illustrations and bibliophilic details of interest:


Markus Kirchhoff

Häuser des Buches. Bilder jüdischer Bibliotheken

Ed. by Simon-Dubnow-Institut für jüdische Geschichte und Kultur an der Universität Leipzig, 191 pp., Hardcover with jacket, Leipzig: Verlag Reclam Leipzig, 2002, ISBN 3-379-00786-2, Price: 24,90 € (D)


The book is obtainable at the bookseller's or directly at the publishing house Reclam Verlag.