Simon Dubnow Institute
for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University

International Conferences 1999–2005

International Conference 2005: »How General is Jewish History?«

24 to 26 September 2005



International Conference 2004: »From Pre-Modern Corporation to Post-Modern Pluralism. Diasporic Cultures and Institutions of the Jews between Empires and Nation States«

22 to 24 May 2004



International Conference: »›Judenforschung‹: Denkstil, Wissenschaft und Ideologie zwischen Jahrhundertwende und Nationalsozialismus«
29 to 31 January 2004



International Conference 2003: »»Secondary Conversions« – Transforming Religious and Ethnic Emblematics of Judaism and Jewishness«

22 to 24 February 2003



International Conferenz 2001: »Jewish Questions – Communist Answers? On Secularization, Ethnicity and Secondary Conversions.«

10 to 13 November 2001

International Conference 2001: »Restitution and Memory. On Historical Remembrance and Material Restitution in Europe«
in Cooperation with the Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften (IFK) in Vienna
21 to 23 June 2001, Vienna


International Conference 2000: »Between Trieste, Salonika and Odessa: Historicizing Balkan and Related Jewries 1492-1918«

International Conference 1999: »Polish Jewry, 1918-1939. Lifeworlds, Self Perception, and Political Action«


The first international conference »Jews and poverty in Middle- and Eastern Europe« was organised by the Simon Dubnow Institute in September 1997. The papers were published as a conference transcript in 1999.